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Payment Terms

To protect your credit information, our order checkout form is on a secure server.  In addition, your credit card number and other financially sensitive information is not saved on our servers.

Focus Camera accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your credit card is charged only at the time of the actual shipment of item(s). However, there might be a temporary hold on the funds until the time of actual shipment. If paying by Debit or Check Card, the funds are authorized as soon as the order is placed, which may affect the availability of funds in the account.
Please provide the correct billing information for the card being used. Billing information includes name, address and phone number of the card owner as recorded by the bank or card issuer.
Alternate shipping addresses: If shipping address differs from your billing address (the address to which your monthly credit card statement is sent), please use the toll-free number on the front or back of your card to have your credit card issuer create an "Alternate Shipping Address" for your account, authorizing purchases to a destination other than your billing address. Not doing Please add (so)can delay verification and order processing.

We accept personal & bank checks drawn from USA banks, and USA bank/postal service money orders in US dollars, but cannot ship goods until such funds clear. Make sure when mailing such payments that you include the order submission number, and if possible, a printout of your shopping cart and checkout forms. 

You may indicate COD (within USA only), but this payment option is subject to certain restrictions and requires that shipping and handling be secured by a credit card. We would need to contact you before shipping, to supply the exact amount for which you will have to tender the COD payment. 

We allow shipping to destinations outside the USA, or to alternate addresses, subject to certain conditions depending on the destination. To process credit card payment on some alternate address delivery and all overseas delivery online orders, we require copies sent to us of the front and back of the cardholders drivers license, passport or photo ID. It is recommended that you fax this info (718) 437-8895, including your order number for reference. You may also scan this information and email it, but email lacks the level of security provided through the fax. We need this to protect both the card holders and ourselves from credit card and identity fraud, which is rampant overseas. Scans should be in jpg, or gif format ONLY, filenames identified. We will not download emails with any other type of attachment. Our order form has a field where you can indicate if such a scan or fax is coming to us.

All credit card orders are subject to verification. Please make sure you supply any requested information, and provide us with easy means of getting back to you if need be, so that your order can be processed without unnecessary delays.
All deliveries require signature. We are neither responsible for the failure of the carrier to demand this, nor can we request that they do not. Customers are responsible for facilitating proper delivery by carrier. S&H is not refundable on refused or undeliverable shipments.